Calgary Vision Centre is a full scope Optometry clinic located in downtown Calgary.  The first set of eyes we examined was in 1998, and almost 100,000 eyes later we are proud to still be locally owned and operated, allowing us to continue to care for the next 100,000 eyes in the best way we see fit. 


Dr. Robert Burke

Dr. Robert Burke

Dr. Robert Burke:  Dr. Burke was educated in Chicago, IL, and has spent time training in various settings, including the Vision Institute of Canada, the Illinois Eye Institute and the Newington VA Hospital, but over the last decade he has practiced exclusively at Calgary Vision Centre. His passion for eye care and advanced technology are what defines Calgary Vision Centre's philosophy.  His examinations are meticulously performed and he always reserves time to carefully explain his findings and answer all client questions. When is he not performing eye exams, he is constantly trying to explore novel ways of applying advanced technology to the eye health world. He is the creator of a successful iOS app (Parks 3 Step) that aids fellow optometrists in accurately diagnosing specific eye conditions, and is currently developing a Machine Learning program with the goal to help all doctors accurately diagnose and treat all eye disorders.

Dr. Justin Norris: Dr. Norris started his practice at Calgary Vision Centre (formerly Gulf Canada Square) in 1998 and understands that each patient has a unique prescription for specific visual needs. He is well aware that the smallest change in prescription, brand of lens, and the lens fit can make or break the success of a prescription. An eye exam with Dr. Norris lasts thirty minutes and the majority of that time is spent discussing your unique options, that often includes no prescription at all. Dr. Norris has worked at a laser centre and has had laser surgery himself and is very comfortable in discussing those options with patients. He enjoys being an optometrist as well as spending time with his family and being a hockey, soccer, and ringette coach


Jessica: Jessica started in our office in 2017, and we like to think of her as our biggest free agent signing in a long time.  She is extremely qualified and has experience working in the downtown core and understands the demands of the downtown patient.  

Optometric Assistants

Jeneane:  Jeneane has been in the optical feild for over 20 years, and her knowledge about glasses and lenses is truly unrivaled.  If you have any questions regarding anything to do with glasses, Jeneane is here to help.

Suzanne  Suzanne has been with our clinic the longest, and both doctors rely heavily on her to help the clinic function properly.  She is extremely thorough, and will never cut corners when it comes to patients health.  Suzanne is the lead pretester, and is responsible for gathering the majority of the technical data the doctors rely on during the eye examination.

Lindsay:  Lindsay has degree in biological sciences with a special interest in computer science, and helps the doctors with patient testing, as well as running our IT department.