Contact lenses have undergone significant advances in the last decade, evolving from the low breathability of plastic polymers lenses to the high oxygen diffusion of silicone hydrogel.   In addition, lenses now can correct for astigmatism, allow for reading vision, block UV light, and/or have tint.  There are daily disposable, two week disposable, one month disposable, and 6 month disposable lenses, as well as soft lenses, hard lenses, and hybrid lenses.   We work with each contact lenses patient to determine the optimal lenses, based on vision goals, comfort, fit, and price point.     

Contact lens patients of Calgary Vision Centre can enjoy

  • free trials of different brands,
  • free replacements of ripped or torn lenses,
  • no cost exchange if your prescription changes during the year,
  • no cost ocular health check-up if the contact lens becomes bothersome.
  • Convenient re-ordering of lenses on our webstore, in office, or over the phone and we can ship the lenses to your home or office.

A service we provide to all patients that trust us with their contact lenses is the ability to directly update our doctors with any feedback you have on trial lenses we sent you home with, or lenses you purchased from us.  We will utilize this info to help finalize your contact lens fit, order new trials in a different power or order new trials in a different lens brand or design.