The most challenging part of creating a new pair of spectacles is choosing the right lens.  There are dozens of lens manufacturers, combined they create hundreds of different lens designs ranging from single vision lenses with no coatings to high index digital photochromic progressive lenses.  Choosing the right lens in the right situation for the right budget is key to creating a successful pair of glasses.  Our Opticians have the new unique ability to choose from almost any lens design they feel would work best, taking into account price point, patient's lens history, lifestyle, and prescription.  And in the event you are not satisfied with your new lenses, we offer a 90 day return policy, no questions asked.
Why can’t I just buy my glasses online? Aren’t all lenses the same?
— Anonymous

Consumers should have the freedom to make their purchases where they want.  However, we do believe that these decisions should be educated decisions.  Here is an example of two lenses, each in the same prescription.  One lens is approximately 50% more expensive than the other. Can you tell the difference?

Low index generic lens

As your rotate the lens, notice the distortion of the words, especially in the periphery of the lens, even when its perpendicular to line of sight

Hi-Index Hoya® Aspheric Lens

Notice how when this lens rotates there is less peripheral distortion, especially when the lens is perpendicular to line of sight


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